e-sir tribute song to feature trio mio, nelly the goon and habib - nameless reveals.

Trio Mio, Nelly the Goon,David Mathenge and E-Sir [photo courtesy]>

Trio Mio, Nelly the Goon,David Mathenge and E-Sir [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa July 9, 2021

Celebrated artist David Mathenge, alias Nameless has revealed that he will be featuring Kenya's youngest rapper Trio Mio Nelly the Goon and Habib (E-sir's brother) to compose a special tribute song for the late Isah Mmari, aka E-sir.

Through episode 7 of This Love (Wahu and Nameless- Docu-reality), the artists joined their creative forces to come up with a song in honour of E-sir.

The song will be produced by Motif The Don, an experienced music producer who has produced a good number of hit songs in Kenya.

The collaboration comes when Kenyans on Twitter have been comparing Trio Mio to the late E-sir.

On May 11th, Nameless even reached out to Trio Mio on Twitter, stating that by virtue of him being compared to the late E-sir, it means that he is doing something impactful.

"Keep up the good work @TriomioOfficial whenever you see yourself being compared to greats like E-Sir then you are definitely impactful. Bless up" shared Nameless.

"Thank you so much @namelesskenya this means the world to me. It's a great honor to even be in the same convo as The Legend šŸ Inanipea strength ya kuzidi kuskuma. Bless Up šŸ™šŸ½" replied Trio Mio.