diamond what happened to naseeb junior's account?

Tanasha Donna While Giving Back To The Society>

Tanasha Donna While Giving Back To The Society

by Muthoni Kimani May 19, 2020

Lately Diamond Platnumz baby mama Tanasha Donna has been giving back to the community in a very generous way, accompanied by ASFA Award winner Jamal Gaddafi, they lately visited the Angels Children’s home and spent a day there.

Few days later, Tanasha turned their son’s Instagram page into a charity page. This comes two months after she deleted all photos of her son Naseeb Junior on the account and blocked Diamond, his mother and sisters from following the account. It has been dormant for several weeks then #Boom! she changed the handle. She shared a post on her instagram Page;

“I have always believed in giving back & I feel blessed to be surrounded by good people & have the small team that I have who believe in the same. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 We are not perfect nor stinking rich, but the little we can, we give back. It starts small.

By giving back to your family, friends, mama mboga or even your askari downstairs, to helping children or people with special needs. Its the little things that matter. However small, or big, its the gesture that counts & I believe more blessings blossom from these small kind acts.

On this page, I will be posting the different homes that my team & I will be visiting, We will go round various children's homes, people with special needs, organizations & share THEIR contact numbers as well so if interested, you can also help them.” Many praised her on the new move, and ofcourse haters will hate.