dennis karuri opens up on hitting rock bottom.

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Dennis Karuri

by Muthoni Kimani February 24, 2021

Dennis Karuri is by far one of the most sought-after makeup artists today; having worked with the who is who in the entertainment industry, he’s earned his stripes of being one the best Makeup Artists today, and he’s grateful.

The now happy, smiling, and acknowledged makeup artist wasn’t always this accomplished.

Dennis Karuri, who commands a huge following on social media for always being straight forward with his sexuality, opened up about his past. Makeup helped him escape many of the struggles and the hard time he was going through in his personal life, and his clients helped him become who he is; Karuri usually treats his clients like family; he’s amazing like that.

Sharing his story briefly on social media, Dennis told his story as raw as it is He took to social media and wrote this: “I AM A SHUJAA…..This is exactly 4 years ago when I had just started doing makeup, I was broke, trying to keep it together also with my not so good products and skills. Izo brows 🙈😅, the harsh contour woi 🥴I had no training at all, mostly watching and learning and a little bit of guesswork. He added; Very few people supported me around this time and most of who were my clients 😢 My clients were my strongest pillars especially after appreciating my work not only in monetary value but also from a genuine place.

I was lost but I was ready to follow this path 100% God knows I desired to be strong, I desired to be the best, I desired to pass on my values and skills, I desired to spill my heart out, I mostly desired to INSPIRE ✨✨ and all I can say is THANK YOU 🙏 I am living my desired life and I’m still pushing on …

He concluded by saying; Remember that you’re the BEST, you’re BLESSED and you deserve nothing but LOVE and ABUDANCE”

Dennis Karuri is one talented Makeup artists! Just like he describes himself on his Instagram; “Just a boy blending the rules”