dana de grazia gets eric omondi’s name tattooed on her thighs

Dana De Grazia >

Dana De Grazia

by Muthoni Kimani February 8, 2021

Dana De Grazia, a former Ebru TV presenter, has shown Eric Omondi love in unprecedented fashion after getting a tattoo of the regionally acclaimed comedian on her thighs.

Dana De Grazia has tattoos all over her body because she’s always been in love with tattoos since she was a little girl. Recently she had “Eric” tattooed on her the back of her left thigh and “Omondi” on the other thigh and shared it on social media for the whole world to see.

It isn’t out in the public domain, yet, if she’s dating the comedian or if she will be on for the second season of Eric Omondi’s controversial ‘Wife Material’ show which Eric Omondi is currently working on.

Regardless of the situation, she’s promised she’ll have the tattoo on her skin at least for the entire 2021 before she thinks of removing it and covering it completely.

Time will tell what she will do with it. “No pain, no gain. Posted this to my stories a bit ago but I think it’s wall-worthy,” Dana De Grazia said on social media. “Unfinished and it will stay this way until next year.”

Eric Omondi hasn’t responded to Dana De Grazia’s display of love and affection just yet.

Dana De Grazia is a free-spirited person who explores her body with tattoos all over her skin, she’s actually one of the most-tattooed media personalities in Kenya, if not the only one.