dr. mukhisa takes social media break - deletes twitter account amid scandal

Dr Mukhisa Kituyi [photo courtesy]>

Dr Mukhisa Kituyi [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 19, 2021

The best way to guard yourself against all the social media trolling amid a huge scandal is to keep off all platforms completely, and Dr Mukhisa Kituyi is doing just that.

The former UNCTAD Secretary-General has deleted his Twitter account.

After a video alleged to be of him, completely naked, made rounds and went viral.

The handle formerly ascribed and verified under his name "Dr Mukhisa Kituyi" went dark with Twitter reporting: "This account does not exist".

The account, which mainly tweeted details of his political and professional opinions, had thousands of followers before deactivating it.

Dr Kituyi has remained unforthcoming even as his political allies condemned the publication of such a compromising video of the former Member of Parliament.

The video elicited wild reactions among Kenyans online, some who estimated that it would affect his declared presidential aspirations and some who insisted that they still believed in his bid.