DJ Evolve Finally Speaks Out

Dj Evolve and Babu Owino

by Muthoni Kimani July 1, 2020

For the last six months, life has not been the same for Felix Orinda a.k.a DJ Evolve this was after he was shot in the neck by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

When asked by an NTV Reporter to respond to the allegation that he forgave Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino for allegedly shooting him in the neck, DJ Evolve simply said;

"I left that to God and I'm waiting for the justice system to see what will go through. Aside from that, I have nothing else to say about it."

The shooting incident took place at B club back on January 17, 2020.

Evolve was discharged from hospital on Thursday, June 18.During the interview, he was lying helplessly on his bed, unable to move his body other than his facial features and his arms.

However, his fingers seemed crippled and this did not sit well with him.

He said;

“These were my tools of trade, so when I don’t have them, there is no way I can be able to work.” The talented DJ went ahead and confessed that he is like a small child who can't do anything by himself but is fully dependent on other people.

“Currently, I’m just here. There’s nothing I can do for myself. So I’m fully dependent on people to do things for me.”

Evolve’s mum with a lot of pain went ahead and disclosed that she has never been in communication with Babu Owino and that she has never laid eyes on him;

“Due to the pain (in my heart), I cannot talk. I just talk to my God.

My son’s life has been destroyed. (I hope to get) justice for my kid. Only that.”