different types of students and how they spend their saturdays in high school

High School students [photo courtesy]>

High School students [photo courtesy]

by ASHTON KHAN July 12, 2021

Saturdays were the most memorable days in high school.

Everyone just sat to wait for it. After a long week of morning preps, canning, maths classes and chemistry practicals, it was another great moment to relax.

Most students loved to make Saturdays lazy while others continued to spin it busy.

Everyone rolled the weekend depending on their behaviors and way of life as follows:


This group of students would spend their Saturdays out of school; they always had that one piped trousers that was kept cleaned and ironed just for funkies. They slimmed their school ties and never loved wearing school sweaters(always freezed to shine). They would change the sweat smelling dorms into perfume fragrances every weekend.

They would leave for every invited function and would come back in the evening with girls' phone numbers written all over their shirts.

Their main work was to deliver letters from the other students and bring back replies.

Their week always seemed long, but Saturdays were too short for them.

    ii)THE S.D.A GUYS.

This was the only group that spent their Saturday in full uniform.

They would keep their ironed shirts and trousers for Saturday. It was their holy day, and would always meet them carrying a Bible, notebook and a lesson book. Most of them were discipline but would never miss one or two who would join them just to appear in the list during rallies.


Saturday marked a muscle stretch day for this group, they would gather in the morning for cross country outside the school. They enjoyed this most because it broke the school monotony, and they would often buy snacks along the way. Most of these guys were determined in sports but would also have jocker members who were there just to taste the outside air.


Every class had a special member of this club. They would sleep throughout every lesson from Monday to Friday, but their sleep would be cut short every time they started to dream. Saturday was a good day for them to have a peaceful sleep since it was a free day, and most teachers were absent.

Were it not for breakfast this group would even prefer to risk and sleep till and past 10am.

They would extend their sleep to class, and when others formed groups to discuss classwork, they looked for conducive corners where they would sleep in peace.


These ones would finish their weekend practising on the latest dance moves.

Their minds just stuck in the hall waiting for entertainment time.

Anything they would speak on Saturday would either involve a mix they expect to hear during the entertainment or the movie that was played on the previous weekend. Most of them were born town kids who were always familiar with everything entertainment.


This group was already living their Sunday on Saturday.

They would congregate in the lab to practice on the songs they planned to present during Sunday service. They would at times claim to be fasting but ask the cook to keep aside their meals, these meals were to be combined as a single meal during supper time. Most were humble guys and would never find them in cheeky mistakes.


This one was a special group. Most of them loved to backbench. They would be sitting in class making jokes and laughing before you see them making signals and move out one by one. They would disappear to the toilet for some minutes and come back silent and lost in meditation. You would see them appear busy and minding their own business after that and only few would realise they are HIGH and deep in meditation.


They took advantage of the free time on Saturday to revise for the exam which is upcoming in 6weeks time. They would form groups, and you would often find them discussing either Maths,chemistry or physics.Most of them sat in front of the class and would come top during exams.

They would always ask questions during class time.


This group consisted of drunkards and sneakers. They would always appear to be in group discussion, in this group, they would always be discussing how they would contribute for the night quarter drink. They would always laugh and agree but went silent when a known spy passed by their group. Their groups were always made at the corner of the class, where they would make contributions and agree on who was going to jump over the fence for drinks and mandazis for Sunday morning.

They would always shout "TOA!TOA! during entertainment and were never in love with lights. They would always shout and clap from the back of the hall "Zima lights!zima lights! utamulika barabara ya kuenda binguni"....


These ones would spend the whole Saturday throwing eyes towards the staff room. They would always be timing cooks to deliver food to the staff room before they follow and steal it all. They were always sure not so many teachers would turn up for school lunch since most of them were absent on weekends.

After eating the teachers' food, you would find them around the kitchen begging for a job to wash sufurias in return for full plates of githeri. Saturday was the best day for them since most of the day was spent outside class.


You would meet these ones in every class you go to, gathering friends for stories, and when the time for dorms came, you would hear their voices from a cube full of idle laughing fans. They were always influential and would be telling stories to  ten to twenty guys at a go. Most of them had funny nicknames.


These ones took advantage of the Saturday free time to air their bedding, wash all their clothes, bath and would always have neat lockers and boxes. They would always be arranging their box and spraying perfumes in  them. They were a rare species to find. (Maybe one or two in every cube of 8 students)..


These ones had the roughest Saturdays. Moving in silence, collecting information on who sneaked, who got drunk, who fought and who messed around in the staff room during the weekend. This information was to be kept till Monday morning, when they would sneak to the Deputy principal's office to report. They were the Principal's most loved and the student's most hated. Most were either relatives to some teachers or just random students who were afraid of getting canned or suspended therefore chose to spy to make friends with the administration.


These ones would spend their Saturday in groups sharing magazines. They always had a new edition of Pulse Magazine and that of Mwana spoti. They knew all celebrity gossip and football updates. Most were members of the journalism and debate clubs. Maths and chemistry were their worst subjects. They are all members of the fam Nairobi Gossip Club Bub and Kilimani Mums Nairobi - Uncensored Med now.

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