cristiano ronaldo sends a signed juventus jersey to help 8yr old gavrilo.

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Christiano Ronaldo

by Helvine Achieng May 11, 2021

A month ago, Ronaldo's armband was sold at a charity auction for 64,000 euros to help raise money for the treatment of eight-month-old Gavrilo Djurdjevic from Serbia, who is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy.

After the charity auction at which Serbian betting company Mozzart bought Ronaldo's captain's armband, the Portuguese decided to send his signed Juventus jersey with the message "para Gavrilo"!

The black and white Juve jersey arrived at Mozart's headquarters from Turin. The company immediately put it on auction at Serbia's Limundo e-commerce platform, with a starting price of one million dinars (8,500 euros)!

Gavrilos medicine costs 2,5 million euros, and the little boy still needs around one million euros for the most expensive treatment in the world.

Ronaldo was happy that something very nice turned out from that whole' armband' case, and he decided to send his jersey.

Ronaldo threw the armband on the grass, dissatisfied with the unrecognized goal, and it was taken by the young firefighter Đorđe Vukićević, with the intention of using it to help little Gavrilo.