corazon kwamboka - ' i was desperate to get hitched'

Frankie just Gymit and Corazon Kwamboka>

Frankie just Gymit and Corazon Kwamboka

by Shirleen Iscker March 25, 2021

Corazon Kwamboka reveals how she was desperate to get hitched back with the Italian ex just two months after the breakup.

On Wednesday she was on the tabloids talking about how she went back to Paris to get back with the ex and this is what she had to say

“ Flashback!!! See how skinny I was... stress 😂😂. I had broken up with my ex like 2 months before this moment. My naïve self thought I’d never be able to live without him, so I decided to curate a plan to try and get his attention/ get him back...

I packed my bags, collected some coins from my bank and off I went to Paris, just 1 hr flight from Rome.. close enough 😂😂😂😂. I’m literally laughing writing this.

In my silly little mind, he’d see I’m in Paris, call me and we’d get back together 😂😂. Only to not even receive a call looool!!! So I did a solo trip, France for a week and Ibiza for a week then came back to Kenya. I was miserable the whole trip” shared Ms. Kwamboka.

Well first of all it's cute how she went down to Paris and did all that I don’t blame her for this actually many people battle with this after they break up never less if it was me a week spent in France and Ibiza I’d come back as lit as Steve Aoki is so let us pour up a glass for Kwamboka to her not being miserable any more as she says and give cheers to her and her cheeks for finding herself a new man who she has a baby boy seeing she had already started giving up on love this is what she had to say

“I didn’t know the plan God had for me and my future, I thought I’d never be able to fall in love again. To any young girl going through a heartbreak, it might feel like you’ll never heal and things will never be the same, they won’t be the same, they’ll be better. You’ll fall in love again, you’ll be happy again and you’ll heal. So if you need to cry now, do it. But remember it’s not the end, days will turn to weeks, weeks into months, you’ll learn to love again, you’ll heal”….. she healed alright and got her a man who be staying in the gym so his name suggests.“ Frankie just Gymit.

It’s a treadmill love affair for these two and we wish them nothing but love and happiness to the family….and ladies and gents always stay happy and remember like she said you will be fine so pour some sangria and don’t forget just to ice it.