Comedian Owego Goes Into Business.

Comedian Owego Onyiro>

Comedian Owego Onyiro

by Helvine Achieng January 14, 2021

No job is too small if you can gain some income from it. That is the school of thought that Churchill comedian Owego Onyiro goes by.

Owago took up small businesses in the wake of the pandemic for lack of shows to perform. For over a year now, gigs have been scarce, so Owago started a small business to keep him afloat.

Speaking to Churchill show's 'Journey Series', Owago said; "That time, I was not doing anything so I decided to cook fish just like any other person and shared a video of myself preparing the fish on social media," The video went viral. Out of that, he got orders, and his business took off.

He went ahead and said; "It Does not take anything from you because even if you are a celebrity you eat and you must cook."

Owago decided to add smokies to the mix as business was going well. "I sell smokies every Saturday and Sunday where we play football. I light the fire myself, and at the same time, I play football. During halftime is when I sell to my fellow players." The talented comedian told Churchill that he also sells phone accessories.

Owago promised his fans that he will pick up his comedic act and get back on stage once things get back to normal.