comedian mulamwah is both happy and scared of their second pregnancy journey.

Mulamwa and Sonnie>

Mulamwa and Sonnie

by Helvine Achieng April 12, 2021

Comedian David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah and his girlfriend Sonie, expects a child after suffering a miscarriage last year. On Friday, the young couple shared the good news on their social media platforms. Mulamwa stated that his long time girlfriend Carol Sonie is 17 weeks into the pregnancy.

Mulamwa wrote, "We thank God for the blessings. May He see us through to the end as we open a new chapter in life. 17/42."

On the other hand, Sonie put up her video, saying the journey has been full of ups and downs, but they are grateful to God for the protection. The comedian said they feel scared about the outcome of the pregnancy journey but at the same time happy that they got to their feet and took another shot at getting a child.

Last year, Mulamwah opened up about how the loss of his unborn baby affected him. The comedian said it was not easy to accept that they had lost their child as he kept struggling with the bitter truth until he had to go for counselling. Mulamwa also added that the loss affected him in all aspects of life because he was ready to welcome a new member into his family.

"We were both going through different stresses as a dad- and mum-to-be. At first, it was really difficult to accept what had transpired, and it also really affected us financially due to the medical bills," he said.

"After the dust settled a bit, we had some differences on when to try again. I was for the option of growing with my kid, which means getting one early, but for her, she wanted a bit later. But we talked and consulted medics and came to an agreement."