Comedian KASEE Was Poisoned, Autopsy Reveals

Joseph Musyoki Kivindu aka Kasee

by Muthoni Kimani July 8, 2020

An autopsy carried out on the late Churchill Show comedian Joseph Musyoki Kivindu aka Kasee, revealed that he died due to poisoning.

This was revealed by Ken Waudo, the chairman of the Comedians In Kenya Society;

“The autopsy revealed that poisoning was the course of death but the pathologist did not divulge any further details, as the matter has now been taken up by the police,"

Kasee was found dead by the roadside in Kinoo on Sunday, June 28. Alcoholism was cited as one of his death's major causes; it is sad to note that someone took advantage of that and poisoned Kasee to his grave.

The Churchill Show comedian was buried over the weekend at Itumunduni Village, Masinga Location, Matuu, Machakos.

Waudo also disclosed that Kasee's family would be supported in the best way they can, leaving behind a wife and two children; “For Kasee’s family, plans are underway to support the widow with business ventures from the excess of contributions made.”