comedian eric omondi and cs wamalwa hold talks to help kenyan artistes

Eric Omondi and CS Wamalwa>

Eric Omondi and CS Wamalwa

by HELVIN ACHIENG April 3, 2021

Comedian Eric Omondi and Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa on Tuesday met to discuss how the government can help the entertainment industry. Cs Wamalwa reached out to Omondi to develop ideas on how Kenyan creatives can be assisted after the negative financial impact the global pandemic has caused.

“Cabinet Secretary Devolution Hon. Eugene Wamalwa called me to his office today to discuss different ways in which the ministry can help support artists during these hard times,” Omondi said.

Omondi added that the Cs tasked him with solutions to the challenges facing the entertainment industry.

“He challenged that apart from myself as Eric Omondi, how can the industry be salvaged, and told me to come back with resolutions on the same.

“Because it is not something I can do by myself, I said I’d have to consult other artists and deliver the recommendation next week,” Omondi explained.