citizen tvs actress yasmeen said states that having a boyfriend is still not a priority to her.

Yasmeen Said>

Yasmeen Said

by Helvine Achieng April 8, 2021

Citizen Tv Actress Yasmin Said, aka Maria, says having a boyfriend is not a priority in her life right now.

Speaking on Churchill Show, Maria said having a boyfriend at her age is haram.

"I'm just a teen na mambo mengi sio priority kwangu. Halal ni mpaka wewe uolewe, uwe na mume wako bure haya mambo mengi ni kuzini (fornication)," she said.

"So mambo na boyfriend, hapana. Having a boyfriend leads to so many things in this life. And ukiwa mtu mzima you know what is wrong and what is right. There are some things you don't want to happen to you and then it's all fun and games ikiwa tu mkifurahia, lakini sometimes you don't know the outcome."

During the interview, the young lad urged well-wishers to support her initiative 'Jiamini', which she runs with Indomie Kenya's support to mentor young talents.

 Maria also opened up on those she considers her mentors, and on that, she said she looks up to many people, and Brenda Wairimu is her mentor.

"She has been in the industry, done so many things, but as for me ndio nimeingia industry and I want to perfect act and everything. And when I saw vipindi zenye amekuwa. Anachapa role mpaka unajiuliza huyu alienda shule ya acting ama ni talent tu. Sometimes I do put myself in her shoes."