chebet ronoh - “i just wanted to commit suicide to end it all ”

Chebet Ronoh>

Chebet Ronoh

by Muthoni Kimani August 7, 2020

Days after walking out of a live interview over an anxiety attack, comedian Chebet Ronoh has spoken about her battle with depression.

Chebet Ronoh rose to fame in 2018/2019 when she decided to ditch her undergraduate studies for a remunerative career on radio after she turned out a social media sensation.

Many call her the King of content creation, her career bloomed, but never expected any of it to blow off like that, it got the better of her. She went on and said;

“I finished high school and went to BrookHouse to do sciences because I wanted to become a doctor but that was not my calling and so I left school to join radio and things were looking good at that time.”But things were moving too fast and I wasn’t prepared for this. I was on radio but I felt I was very unhappy. I felt like I didn’t want to do it at that time of my life.

It was overwhelming for me and I started getting anxiety attacks a lot. Like I didn’t know I was known. Walking on the road in shorts and a big tee and people would stop me on the road.”

She went ahead and said;

“People would say hi and I literally panic because I did not know how to respond and what side of me to show.

If you know me you know the Ronoh I was presenting was not me. It was a personality I was associating myself with.Which gave me bad anxiety and so drinking was my go-to so that I could get comfortable around people.”

Ronoh soon after quit radio because every time she did something, she got criticized. She grew tired of it all and decided to change the trend.

“I felt really owned by a lot of people, I would cry every freaking day, I lost myself completely. A lot of people talked sh*t bro. Like you’re so ratchet, you’re so dirty. I had enough!”