chadwick boseman’s alma mater renames its college of fine arts to honour him



by Helvine Achieng June 3, 2021

Howard University has renamed its College of Fine Arts to honour the late Chadwick Boseman.

According to the Washington Post, the renaming comes as Howard and Walt Disney Co.’s executive chairman, Bob Iger, joined forces to spearhead a fundraising campaign for a scholarship named after Chadwick, as well as helping to raise money for the construction of a state-of-the-art building on the campus.

The ‘Black Panther’ star graduated from the private university in Washington D.C. in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Directing, and after his tragic passing last year following a silent battle with colon cancer, the university board have decided to name their entire Fine Arts school after him.

The new building will house the newly named Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts, as well as the Cathy Hughes School of Communications, its TV station, and its radio station.

Howard President Wayne A.I. Frederick stated,

 “We are very excited. This is the right thing to do. Chadwick’s love for Howard University was sincere, and although he did not live to see those plans through to fruition, it is my honour to ensure his legacy lives on.”

Chadwick’s passing had a profound impact on Hollywood, and Michael B. Jordan recently said he doesn’t want to take things for granted after his co-star’s death.

“I do think about legacy a lot. What I leave behind is something that I think about a lot.

“This past year has brought a lot of that to the forefront of my brain. Everybody’s had their share of loss in one way or another. I lost a friend in Chadwick [Boseman].

“There are a lot of things that I want to accomplish, and I know time is limited and life is short. I try to not take it for granted. It’s really made me focus on that.”