celebrated gengetone group ochungulo family splits up

Gengetone group Ochungulo Family>

Gengetone group Ochungulo Family

by Muthoni Kimani February 11, 2021

Gengetone group Ochungulo Family has finally split and gone separate ways.

The celebrated music group which comprises Dmore, NellytheGoon, and Benzema changed the Kenyan music scene after joining the music industry as a powerful music powerhouse who were known for releasing hit records every time.

The members who have since released solo projects for quite some time now have decided to embark on solo careers. They released a statement saying;

"To all our Fans... We wanna say Thank you for the support you have given us the past for few years. You have been good to us, God has been good to us & the music has been good to us. We have reached a point we have different goals & targets. So the decision of us splitting is a mutual feeling and we saw that as the best way forward. Again, Thank you so much for the support!!! We shall meet again. God bless you all🙏🙏".

The official YouTube channel for Ochungulo Family has been pulled down and it has reportedly been taken by NellytheGoon.There are no songs by Ochungulo Family on YouTube

What’s remaining from the Ochungulo Family split is their official Instagram account that still has their photos together that remind us how far they’ve come from.

Interestingly, most of the gengetone groups who started so well are now one member down or have split. It started with Rekles leaving Ethic then Lexxy Yung leaving Sailors and now Ochungulo?