comedian yy builds his mother a house

YY Comedian [photo courtesy]>

YY Comedian [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa July 27, 2021

Popular Churchill Show comedian YY has made his mother one proud woman, after gifting her a house.

Taking to social media, YY flaunted the house through a series of photos, one showing his mother seated inside a house-made with iron sheets and mud floor and a photo of the recently completed house.

In the first photo, YY’s mother sat on a one-seater wooden chair, without cushions, just to show the level of poverty they were facing at the time.

“No long post alert… Nakupenda mama yangu (I love you my mother),” wrote YY.

In a past interview, the comedian explained that his jokes revolve around her mother because he spent most of his life with her.

“I do jokes about every aspect of real-life situations except tribal jokes. It just happens that people relate more to mama’s jokes more because it’s a part of their lives and the nostalgia can’t be ignored. My mum is significant to me as I have spent 90 per cent of my life with her,” he said.