britney spears' conservatorship firm resigns after her testimony.



by Helvine Achieng July 5, 2021

The Bessemer Trust, the wealth management firm that co-controlled Britney Spears' Conservatorship, resigned after her bombshell testimony. The Bessemer Trust has asked to withdraw as co-conservator after the pop star gave her testimony about the order in court last week.

Britney made a number of shocking allegations about her life under the Conservatorship, including that she had been forced to perform and use contraception against her will.

In a court filing, the company said it had "relied on the representations" that the Conservatorship was voluntary and that all parties, including Spears, had consented to its involvement.

The firm said it had heard Britney's wish to end the Conservatorship and wants to respect her wishes.

"As a result of the Conservatee's testimony at the June 23 hearing, however, Petitioner has become aware that the Conservatee objects to the continuance of her Conservatorship and desires to terminate the Conservatorship.

"Petitioner has heard the Conservatee and respects her wishes."

Britney has lived under Conservatorship since 2008. In her testimony last week, Britney called the conservatorship "abusive" and said everyone involved should be in jail.

"My dad and anyone involved in this Conservatorship, including my management, they should be in jail.

"I've told the world I'm happy and OK. I lied. I am not happy, I can't sleep. I'm so angry, it's insane. And I'm depressed."

"Ma'am, I am not here to be anyone's slave. I can say no to a dance move."