brenda wairimu speaks on sexual harassment in the film industry!

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Brenda Wairimu

by Muthoni Kimani February 5, 2021

Award-winning actress Brenda Wairimu has addressed the evils in the film industry primarily targeted towards women. Speaking in an interview, the mother of one revealed that it is still hard for female actresses and filmmakers to make it in the industry.

There have been countless reports of sexual harassment filed against various actors. The talented actress said; “It’s a very present evil, and sometimes we are forced to put our heads down and take it just so we can continue to put food on the table.”

Film is her bread and butter, and for such a high profile Kenyan actress to admit that she goes through harassment with no option, it’s hard to imagine what the people in lesser roles have had to endure all in the name of a career.

Brenda revealed that she is loving the new trend of people getting outed for their wickedness. She hopes that the next, more natural progression would be for the perpetrators of the evils to be dealt with by the law.

“People are slowly and surely getting outed for what they put women and girls through. The only thing remaining is for justice to get served, too,”

Brenda also revealed that she has worked behind the scenes on various movies as a producer and plenty more are on the way. “I have already produced: ‘Disconnect’, ’18 hours’, as well as ‘Mommy 101’, which aired on Ebru. More will come.”

Showmax picked Monica for a third season in October 2020; a series follows Brenda Wairimu, an ambitious social climber from the ghetto who will do anything to become part of the elite.