betty kyallo to vie for nairobi women rep in 2022!

Betty Kyallo To Vie For Nairobi Women Rep In 2022!>

Betty Kyallo To Vie For Nairobi Women Rep In 2022!

by Muthoni Kimani February 24, 2021

Betty Kyallo might just be the next Nairobi Women's representative to get elected in the upcoming general election if everything goes right.

According to Alinur Mohamed, popularly known as Somali bae, a close friend of Betty Kyallo, the former TV presenter and now-successful businesswoman might be vying for the seat in the 2022 general elections.

The aspiring Kamukunji Constituency member of parliament told Ali Baba at Radio Jambo that Betty Kyallo has the same political ambitions, just like he does. There's a possible chance that she'll vie for the position.

Alinur said; "Betty Kyallo is a good friend of mine, we talk often, and everyone knows she was a media personality. Yes, she wants to run for the seat for women representative in Nairobi."

The two have been spotted hanging out together, and Ali Baba asked what Alinur's role is in Betty's life. "We can say you are the mentor to Betty Kyallo?" Ali Baba asked "Yes, exactly."

He further explained that he once invited her to one of his football tournaments in California, and she did not hesitate.

"She was happy, and she attended as a mentee." Asked to clarify his relationship with Betty, the businessman refuted claims that he has been dating Betty.

"I'm not in a relationship with Betty. I'm a family man, a father of two. Sisi kama waislamu tunapewa nafasi nne, we don't do things chini ya maji. We do things out in public."

He began his public political endeavors in 2017, where he dedicated his resources to helping the Youth and the underprivileged in society.