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Ochungulo Family

by PPP TV May 20, 2020

Genge is a genre of hip hop music that had its beginnings right here in Nairobi.

The name Genge was coined by Clement Sijenyi, better known as Clemo, a music producer, songwriter, and founder of Calif Records.

Word on the street is that Gengetone is here to stay. ‘And is a big heatwave in Tanzania’ added Ommy Dimpoz when he was interviewed on the Kwa Jikoni show on PPP TV.

The Legend Juacali from Calif Records continues to play a significant role in the music genre. Not forgetting hits like Ngeli Ni Ya Genge.

Benzema from Ochunglo Family in their latest hit song, Make Up, mentioned, and I quote, “Ezekiel Mtua,naskia mtoi wako anaskiza Gengetone,Mahater ni wengi,mtu ache sisi”.

Watch Make Up by Ochunglo Family.