bensoul wants government to legalize marijuana in kenya



by Muthoni Kimani January 25, 2021

Bensoul joins the wagon in asking the government to legalize marijuana once and for all.

Bensoul who has the number one song in ‘Nairobi’ trending all over reiterates that weed is safer than alcohol and cigarettes that many people take recreationally.

In an interview, Bensoul says the government should really consider legalizing Cannabis Sativa just like Rwanda is currently doing and helping grow our economy. “Weed will not give you tuberculosis(TB), that’s the holy herb. I feel like the herb does not make me go to another realm or world.” the ‘Peddi’ hitmaker said.

He continued; “It helps me with focus and removes all distractions. I have never been not functional; I am well 100%. First, when it comes to other “job”[sic], I do it so they will have to referee.

Look at countries like Canada, they paid their debt by the second day, it’s a big industry, and that’s why some states in the USA have legalized it. Rwanda is currently growing and exporting it, wait and see their economy.”

The Sauti Sol singer has joined Senator Ledama Ole Kina, Clay OG Stoner, and Octopizzo to campaign and champion the legalization of marijuana in Kenya publicly.