bamboo is ready to give us some music in 2021!

Bamboo 'Usilete Compe'>

Bamboo 'Usilete Compe'

by Muthoni Kimani January 12, 2021

Bamboo is more than ready to come back to the music scene, and he’s just counting down the days before releasing something unique to the world.

Not forgetting that the ‘Usilete Compe’ hitmaker gave his life to Jesus Christ, a while back and renounced his old ways. He stopped being a secular artiste and started a new channel with his wife, Erica giving out their testimony of what God has done for them in their life and more so, about the past life of his wife, Erica who was deep in satanism but broke free from it through the grace of God.

After a musical hiatus, Bamboo is more than ready to come back with a new project in 2021 and take over the music industry by storm; he believes the time is now.

Bamboo went ahead and asked for suggestions from his fans of who he should feature on the upcoming project that he might release in 2021. He hasn’t disclosed the name of the project, yet.

He posted on Instagram; “B.A.M.B.O.O. The African Bantu will be dropping new music very soon. “I have a few things I need to make clear. Who should I collaborate with on this album??? Tell me what you think!”

The veteran emcee made his name a few years back while he was in the K-South legendary rap group. He says he feels the fire burning inside him urging him to release some new songs.

“I don’t know why but I’ve really been feeling the 🔥 for music lately.” Bamboo said on social media. “The last time I felt this I dropped ‘compe’. Yeah, it’s been a minute! But I’m back in the stu and I’m lovin it. It’s time…”