bahati accused of stealing 'pete yangu' song from rwandan singer butera knowles

Bahati, Nadia Mukami and Butera Knowles [photo courtesy]>

Bahati, Nadia Mukami and Butera Knowles [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 16, 2021

Kenyan controversial singer Bahati is being accused of stealing his recently released song 'Pete Yangu' from Rwandan Songstress Butera Knowles.

The allegations have been echoed by different blogs and backed up by a video of the song 'Peke yangu', which is quite similar to Bahati's 'Pete Yangu' in terms of the flow.

The track featuring Nadia Mukami broke the Kenyan record by gathering over 100K views on YouTube in just an hour. 

The song currently has over 600K views on YouTube and is still counting. 

Though Butera Knowles has not complained, fans are still speculating whether the song will be pulled down from YouTube.

The award-winning songstress released her song 'Peke Yangu" 5 years ago and has since amassed 520k.