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Avatar Movie Scene

by Muthoni Kimani June 17, 2020

It’s been close to nine years since audiences were introduced to the world of Pandora in Avatar.

James Cameron has made it clear that the sequels will be magical (for example, he wants people to watch the films in glasses-free 3D) , he also revealed the Avatar sequels would be set apart by something which has taken his team a year and a half to just figure out: underwater motion-capture technology - something he claims has “never been done before.”

Cameron confirmed that the majority of underwater scenes would take place in Avatar 2 and 3. The director is shooting all four films back-to-back with release dates set for 18 December 2020,17 December 2021, 20 December 2024, and 19 December 2025. The movies have been delayed for various reasons.

As two sequels swelled into four, Cameron talked about the complexities of shooting multiple movies at once. He even bought 2,500 acres of land in New Zealand to shoot the films.

A lot has changed since the original Avatar smashed box office records. The big question is, can the Avatar sequels repeat the success of the original?