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Prince Akeem And Semmi>

Prince Akeem And Semmi

by Muthoni Kimani January 5, 2021

If you loved the first Coming 2 America, you'd love this one even better. The first exciting trailer shows Eddie Murphy returning to his role as Prince Akeem. The sequel tells the story of Prince Akeem (Murphy) who discovers he has a secret son.

Prince Akeem, soon to be King of Zamunda, leaves for America to find his son with his brother Semmi. In the dramatic trailer, Prince Akeem's father tells his son he will be passing the kingdom down to him.

"You must heed my words before I am gone, son. Now you will be King." He said. But his dying wish is for Prince Akeem to be reunited with his long-lost son.

"But the throne must pass to a male heir. Akeem, it appears you have a son who must be found."

Fans of the original will be delighted as it comes 32 years after the first film took the world by storm in 1988. Coming to America charted the charming Prince Akeem's tale, who escaped an arranged marriage by moving to New York City.

Earl Jones (King Jaffe Joffer) and Arsenio Hall (Semmi) signed up to reprise their second movie role. Amazon Studios bought the distribution rights in October amid the coronavirus pandemic. Lead actor Eddie could barely contain his excitement about the upcoming sequel.

He said: "What I'm most excited about the audience seeing is how amazing this movie is. "We have incredible new cast members like Wesley Snipes, Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones, Jermaine Fowler, KiKi Layne, and my daughter, Bella Murphy, among others, who are all so funny and brought their A-game.

"It's just a great picture, and I'm excited to have audiences see it." It's set to be released on March 5 2021.