Andrew Set To Launch Rogue Radio!

Andrew Kibe And Friends At Rogue Radio

by Muthoni Kimani November 25, 2020

Media personality Andrew Kibe who exited Radio Africa Group months ago has now launched his own media station.

He unveiled Rogue Radio which is online-based. Kibe put up a poster in search of a graphic designer who can best bring out the kind of brand he seeks to put up, and after days of searching, he finally settled on one design.

According to him, the station will be playing music and making content, and they have plans to expand slowly to news and other productions.

He has made it clear he wants to create something unique. “It is the next real thing, not the next big thing. For years, we have had people terming their projects as the ‘next big thing’.

“We want to talk about the truth and offer artists a chance to play their music, which mainstream media does not want to play. I have followers as far as in the diaspora, and they will access links similar to those used in Kenya to listen to us.”

Kibe also added this is a dream come true;

“From a simple dream to a beast of a reality…welcome to Rogue Radio. All of the hits without the sh*!!!.

Kibe officially introduced fans to his new space, Rogue radio, designed to his taste. From the graphics, wall art of African music legends like E-Sir, studio setting and the whole ambience.

A simple room, well-cushioned for soundproof purposes, with a round table setup. A kitchen well-demarcated and a sitting area for the studio.

It is not clear when Kibe will launch Rogue Radio, but fans are anxious as they wait to see what is to be unveiled by him.