american sprinter sha' carri richardson barred from tokyo olympics after testing positive for marijuana.



by Helvine Achieng July 5, 2021

American sprint sensation Sha'Carri Richardson has recently been barred from this year's Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for Marijuana drug. Richardson confirmed on Friday that she tested positive for marijuana at the US Olympic athletics trials, and she will be barred from the 100m at the Tokyo Games.

Speaking on US Olympic telecaster NBC's "Today" show, 21-year-old Richardson said she took marijuana to cope with "a state of emotional pain" after learning of the death of her biological mother from a reporter at the US Olympic trials last month in Eugene, Oregon.

"I would like to say to my fans, my family and my sponsors I apologize," Richardson said. "I apologize for the fact that I didn't know how to control my emotions or deal with my emotions during that time.

"I greatly apologize if I let you guys down, and I did. And I just want y'all to know this will be the last time the Olympics don't see Sha'Carri Richardson and this will be the last time the US doesn't come home with a gold medal in the 100."

Richardson might be able to participate in the 4x100m relay, but that would require her to be selected for the squad by USA Track and Field and approved by the US Olympic Committee.

"Right now I'm just putting all of my time and energy into dealing with what I need to do within myself," Richardson said. "So if i'm allowed to receive that blessing, then I'm grateful for it. If not, now I'll just focus on myself."

Richardson, vowing she will never take steroids, joined a growing list of athletes talking about the mental struggles of being a world-class performer while hiding pain from the public.

"My mental health, leading up to the Games, I was expected to be a record-breaking time, so just with that pressure in itself was also hard," Richardson said.


"To hear that information come from a complete stranger, I was definitely triggered. It was shocking. From there just blinded by emotions, blinded by bad news, blinded by just hurting, hiding hurt.