alex mwakideu finally speaks up !

Alex Mwakideu>

Alex Mwakideu

by Muthoni Kimani August 24, 2020

Radio personality Alex Mwakideu has opened up about recent online claims that he was unfaithful to his wife.

Speaking during his breakfast show on Milele FM, Mwakideu said it is high time he addressed those allegations.

“There is a sense of peace you have when you say the truth. Recently I was trending on social media, there was a ‘Ngamia’ I don’t know that wrote a story about me.”

Alex went ahead and appreciated people who stood by him;

“But Kenyans supported me a lot saying, ‘Mwakideu can never do such things.’ But the truth is, all those things that were written did not happen. I tried to explain to the mother of my children not to believe such stories because they were not true.”

He went on and added;

“It reached a point I said my whole truth without hiding anything. She listened, there were some things that hurt her a bit, but she was happy I said the truth and from there we were at peace.” In an interview with,Dr.Kingori on the Wicked Edition, Mwakideu had this to say when asked if he could take a bullet for his wife; ‘Stop asking such questions,I think for my wife I would but for my kids I would never even think about it.’

He concluded by saying;

“People just get married because it’s something that has to be done. I love her but I don’t trust her.Don’t mix trust with loyalty,You can trust someone and not be loyal to them.”