akothee: don't go hungry, i am your mother.



by PPP TV May 3, 2020

The Kenyan musician is controversial with just about everything, but her philanthropy has never wavered.

Through her foundation, AKOTHEE FOUNDATION, she is doing what she does best, caring for people.

Earlier today in Mombasa, where the government lockdown caught up with Akothee and her daughter Rue baby, she explained; I had a date today with15 women, from the other side of Mtwapa, the number increased to 30.

They said the corona has messed up their business, forcing them to conduct business during the day, don't ask me which business, if you empower a woman you have empowered a community, she added.

Akothee met a homeless man, Shadrack Mwita.

At first she thought that giving Shadrack a wheelchair would solve his problems, until Shadrack disclosed to her that he is homeless.

'I have taken him under my wings until I find a permanent solution for him.'