akothee’s sister cebbie talks wedding

Cebbie Koks>

Cebbie Koks

by Muthoni Kimani August 7, 2020

Akothee’s younger sister Cebbie Koks had her share of the KOT family in July after her fiance Juspus Rusana proposed to her. This happened after some ladies came forward accusing Cebbie of ‘Breaking their homes.”

That said, the lass confirmed we have a wedding to prepare for early next year;

“When things have cooled down because the pandemic has really hit hard and my family alone is big 64 grandchildren and 24 siblings, so that’s a big number that the government may not even accept.Without my parents, uncles so probably early next year we would start planning.”

She went ahead and revealed that her father heard about the scandal and he reached out, with a shoulder to lean on;

“He called and told me to stay strong, that was life. He said even if this one doesn’t marry you, you can still come back home so no problem. Let nobody blackmail you. You’re an asset. But my mother was angry. She’s a tough disciplinarian and politician.”