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by Muthoni kimani May 26, 2020

Anifa Mvuemba, the owner of contemporary brand Hanifa, debuted her latest collection on Instagram live with 3D models.

Anifa Mvuemba had already planned to launch her new collection, Pink Label Congo, online, but wondered if it was still the right move when the Corona Pandemic changed everything.

Mvuemba explained, "The news came out about how serious things were, and I started to feel a bit anxious about everything going on. I started feeling like maybe it would be insensitive to create and share a new collection online while people were facing tough realities."

This amazing designer might have changed the game in the fashion industry after using a unique way to show off her designs.

With this design, Mvuemba celebrates the beauty of Congo, and also touches on illegal mining issues, especially related to minors, in her country. Many congratulated her on the bold move.