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My African Stories

by Helvine Achieng May 19, 2021

Storytelling has been integral to Africa for many generations and Boomerang is making it super easy and entertaining as it is set to launch My African Stories, a video series aimed at raising young African kids' voices by allowing them to share unique, cultural moments of their daily lives with their peers across the continent.

This new local Boomerang initiative will enable children from different parts of Africa to share their unique moments from a kids' perspective. The series will allow young boys and girls, aged between 4 and 9, to learn about the different cultures, traditions and practices from South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria. My African Stories will immerse children across Africa in the legacy of tradition while experiencing daily tales from different African societies in a relatable way.

The show kicks off on 18th May. Boomerang will bring its young viewers; My Weekend with Lesedi. Going to the aquarium and then visiting his favourite soccer park sounds like the perfect weekend for Lesedi. And suppose you can't join Lesedi on his exciting weekend adventure? In that case, kids can visit Boomerang Africa's webpage to make their fantastic weekend crafts: a mini foosball table and an aquarium in a jar.

Boomerangers all over the continent to explore their own cultural side and compare what they will do around the theme of each My African Stories episode. From Tuesday, 18th May, Catch My African Stories on Boomerang Africa's web page and from Tuesday, 25th May on DStv channel 302. Along with song, rhythm and dance, Africans have relayed stories about their rich cultures and heritage since time immemorial, and Boomerang is here to continue the rich heritage.