adelle onyango's book to help rape survivors heal!

Social Activist Adelle Onyango And Co-author Lanji JJ Ouko>

Social Activist Adelle Onyango And Co-author Lanji JJ Ouko

by Muthoni Kimani November 25, 2020

Social activist Adelle Onyango hosted a preview brunch for her upcoming book, 'Our Broken Silence'.

The book documents the voices of survivors of rape, observers, family members, activists, nurses, lawyers and many others, who offer a glimpse into the different perceptions of violence.

The event was at Kileleshwa Gardens, where they previewed the book to people who have contributed to the journey of making the book.

Speaking about the book, Adelle said, "When the book comes out in 2021, we implore Africans to get it, read it, listen to the survivors' voices and then introspect on if you are helping end or aggravate sexual violence."

Adelle posted on Instagram;

"In this book, I share such intimate details around what getting raped broke in/for me.⁣One being my relationship with my body and intimate relationships too. That was the bit I read during yesterday's preview.⁣

It's been challenging but very therapeutic writing and being so vulnerable. I hope it will help others heal or know brighter days do come.⁣ Book launch Loading...⁣"

She also mentioned Janet Mbugua has been vocal on issues affecting vulnerable communities.

"Her work on ending period poverty is exemplary. We picked her because of her real fight to make spaces safer for women and, as you know, all these issues facing women are interlinked."

Janet said through the book, and it will be easier for them to confront this issue of sexual violence.

She added;

"It may also help other survivors start their healing journey,"

Co-author Lanji JJ Ouko said;

"We are sure the book will not just amplify the stories but show the work needed to support survivors, ensure justice and ultimately end sexual violence."

Congratulations Ladies!