ann waiguru attacked by an unidentified woman forcing guards to intervene

Anne Mumbi Waiguru [photo courtesy]>

Anne Mumbi Waiguru [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 11, 2021

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru's motorcade was attacked by a woman who is yet to be identified, as she left a public event in her county.

A video that has since circulated on social media shows the woman causing a commotion by attacking some of the members of the governor's convoy as she tries to make her way to the governor's car.

She proceeded to demand an audience with Governor Waiguru as her handlers attempted to restrain her.

The scene grew rowdy as people gathered to see what the commotion was all about. 

This agitated the angry woman further as she dared the security agents who were shoving her to go ahead and beat her up.

Governor Waiguru was seen quickly getting inside her vehicle as her bodyguards tried to calm the crowd that had already gathered.