ann kansime mesmerized by njugush for resembling her husband

Anne Kanisme, Skylanta and Njugush [photo courtesy]>

Anne Kanisme, Skylanta and Njugush [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 17, 2021

Ugandan actress and comedian Anne Kanisme has revealed that Njugush resembles her husband on several occasions and has played tricks on her.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of one posted a photo of Njugush and her husband standing side by side, and one's mind could be blown away as to how the two looked alike.

In her post, she revealed that Njugush's resemblance to her husband tempts her.

According to her, she finds the Kenyan comedian attractive for having multiple similarities with Skylanta.

"This photo has been playing tricks on me all morning. Is it just me or should i be finding @blessednjugush attractive too🙈 because the way he looks like @skylantagram without dreads🤔🤔" Kansime wrote on her Instagram page.

Njugush told Kansime's husband to watch out for her wife's observations in a comment to the post.

"Mukama wanje!!!!! . @skylantagram be very afraid," he said.

Fans quickly flocked the comment section, many concurring with the idea that the two look more like twins.