akothee's sister cebbie koks makes public her hiv status



by Beatrice Ambasa April 12, 2021

Controversial singer Akothee's sister Cebbie Koks has finally made public her HIV status.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the digital marketer was forced to reveal her status, to shut down rumours going round about her health.

She shared documents capturing her HIV-negative status and stated, 'Dear ones, if there's something you have to prove a point on or correct, soldier on and do it. Maturity requires balance. Ignoring things at times just makes you a proverbial ostrich and not mature. You better face things differently. Not everything can be ignored and not everything ignored is less important.'

She further added, 'some of us had to learn the hard way. Most of these rumors began through people you dine and whine with. They say them hoping you don't come out to defend yourself or prove them wrong. Then, others pick it and run with it, before you know it, it's a tag or a badge you go with to the grave.

Speculation about Akothee's family having HIV has been a topic of discussion for the longest time, with a portion of their fans alleging that both Akothee and Cebbie could be positive.

 Cebbie Koks reveal comes days after Akothee also decided to go public and bring to an end the furphy about her health.

The two sisters can now rest easy after clearing both their names.