actor ainea ojiambo released after accidental shooting during robbery in cbd

Actor Ainea Ojiambo [photo courtesy]>

Actor Ainea Ojiambo [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 3, 2021

Actor Ainea Ojiambo known for his role as 'snake' on the 'Makutano Junction' TV series, was on Friday night by police after being involved in a shooting incident in Nairobi.

Ojiambo, a licensed gun holder, was seen talking with the woman on a sidewalk before three men approached him and tried to grab his gold chain.

One grabbed the chain as the others pushed the woman in confusion.

He quickly reacted, shoved them aside and pulled out his gun from a hoist, and discharged as the three attackers scampered for safety.

According to the CCTV footage, he was seen reaching for the neck chain that fell on the ground and a face mask before he returned the pistol to safety.

It was then he realized the bullets he discharged had hit a guard who was seated a few meters away and a bystander.

The three men who tried to grab the chain violently managed to escape in confusion.

The guard was shot in the eye while the second man was hit in the leg after Ojiambo fired as he struggled with a gang of three who had tried to rob him of his gold chain.

The incident happened on Friday at about 4.30 pm as Ojiambo engaged a woman in a conversation.

He was granted a police bond as investigations into the shooting incident along Moi Avenue, Nairobi, go on.