abel mutua saved me from being kicked out of my house over rent areas

Abel Mutua and Omosh>

Abel Mutua and Omosh

by Helvine Achieng February 17, 2021

Just recently, actor Omosh shared how difficult it is in making ends meet for him and his family, and many have held his hand on that financial walk helping him in any way they could.

Among the many, Omosh is supper grateful for Abel Mutua. The two pals acted years back in Tahidi highland since then; their friendship has never changed.

Speaking on Jalango Tv, Omosh revealed that he was once a few minutes away from being kicked out of his house and Abel came to his rescue, saving him the embarrassment.

"I called Abel Mutua and told him that my rent was due, and he sent me sh10,000, I am forever grateful for him." Said Omosh.

Omosh also revealed that Kibunja also came to his rescue when he heard about his plight. Omosh says that Kibunja reached out to his friend who runs Zero Hero Properties blessing him with land.

Kibunja was concerned and called his friend who sells land; he came with a shopping bag to my home and rewarded me with a title deed."