tupac shakur estate drops 'pride month collection'

Tupac Shakur [photo courtesy]>

Tupac Shakur [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 16, 2021

Late American rapper Tupac Shakur has remained a widely accepted and celebrated artist.

Though shunned by some members of society at the time, the rapper was known for his progressive ideas regarding race relations and inequality of all forms, paving the way for 21st-century movements.

Now, his estate is continuing his legacy of inclusion and equality with the release of a new clothing collection celebrating June as Pride Month. 

The collection includes some hoodie and t-shirt colorways that interpolate 2Pac's 1992 hit song "Changes" about the struggle of minority communities and living in poverty.

 The clothing features the name of the song as well as a stencil of the rapper's face redone with rainbow colors and lettering as a nod to Pride Month.

The estate stated in the Twitter announcement that all revenue from the clothing would be donated to pro-LGBTQIA+ foundations and movements. 

However, some fans are criticizing the rapper's estate for taking too much creative freedom -- among other more unfortunate criticisms.