otile brown apologizes to nadia following ill comment on their song kolo

Otile Brown and Nadia Mukami [photo courtesy]>

Otile Brown and Nadia Mukami [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 15, 2021

Kenya's male singer and businessman Otile Brown has apologized to Afro-pop singer Nadia Mukami following an ill comment about their collabo Kolo.

In a video that has been shared online, it seems the two have reconciled.

The two met on Sunday, and they were able to iron out their differences, with Otile Brown asking for forgiveness from Nadia Mukami.

"Apologies Queen… was tricked out of my position by a negative opinion… was having a bad day" wrote Otile in a clip with Nadia Mukami.

Three weeks ago, Otile Brown stated that he featured in the song after producer Vicky Pon Dis made the request.

"Huo wimbo sio wangu jamani... alikataa niandike akasema 'I want a hit song not a good song' weeh nikaeka verse yangu nikaondoka. Nilifanya kwa heshima ya Vick pon dis tu! Wimbo ambao nina husika utaujua tu! Y'all be trolling me ever since it came out," Otile said.

Adding that fans should not crucify him for not delivering in the said song: "Please understand and let it slide... it's messing up my peace... nilijifunza... kama siupend sikai... respectfully and with love. Nothing personal,".