nike & mschf settle lawsuit over lil nas x’s “satan’s shoes”

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Lil Nas

by Helvine Achieng April 12, 2021

 Lil Nas X and MSCHF released the Devil Shoes just a couple of weeks ago for Lil Nas most recent video Montero, and now Nike is making it clear they want nothing to do with it.

The shoe release caused a social media explosion as many were upset that the artists involved would create a Nike Air Max 7 with satanic imagery.

Nike immediately distanced themselves from the shoe with the uproar from the shoe release despite the shoes completely selling out.

Nike got their legal involvement and sued MSCHF for purposely trying to trick people into thinking the shoe was an official Nike collaboration. According to Brendan Dunne of Sole Collector, the lawsuit has been settled.

Essentially, MSCHF will now have a voluntary recall which means they must buy back all of the “Satan Shoes” that people don’t want anymore. They must provide full refunds, no questions asked. This also applies to their Jesus Shoes, made famous by Drake.