mt kenya tv suspended and fined ksh 500,000 for airing sexual explicit, drug abuse and violent content

Mt Kenya Tv [photo courtesy]>

Mt Kenya Tv [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa April 29, 2021

Mt Kenya Tv has been shut down indefinitely and is facing a Ksh 500,000 fine.

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has ordered the suspension of Mt. Kenya TV for airing inappropriate content.

In the directive given on Wednesday, CA imposed a fine of Sh500 000 to the station for violating programming regulations.

"The Authority noted that the TV channel had, during its "Mucii wa Ciiana" programme, featured an animated movie, entitled Free Jimmy, containing scenes of sexually explicit content, drug abuse, robbery and violence in blatant breach of Programming Code, and the ICT sector law"

"In particular, the Authority established that the licensee had aired adult content during the watershed period, and at a time when most children were at home during the school holidays, thus occasioning grievous harm to the minors who may have been exposed to the offensive content," read part of the CA statement.