ed sheeran to give a free concert to 700 fans



by Helvine Achieng July 21, 2021

English Pop star Ed Sheeran is set to perform a free concert in Coventry for free. Sheeran will perform to 700 fans, aged over 16, to mark the "grand opening" of HMV Empire in Hertford Street. The concert, is scheduled for 25 August, is also a part of celebrations for the company's centenary on the upcoming concert, Sheeran shared,

"HMV is a store that I spent a lot of time in growing up and a place where I discovered lots of new music, so I'm looking forward to celebrating this milestone with them."

Phil Rooney and Dave Brayley, the site's co-owners, shared,

 "To have Ed Sheeran - one of the world's biggest artists - not only coming to Coventry but performing in our new venue, the HMV Empire, is simply mind-blowing."