celebrity musicians remember e-sir 18 years after his death



by Helvine Achieng March 18, 2021

Yesterday marked 18 years since Issah Mmari aka E-Sir died in a tragic accident along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on his way back to Nairobi from a concert at Afraha Stadium. Despite dying at a tender age, the then young lad still E-Sir arguably remains one of the country's best artists.

E-Sir was an inspiration and a mentor to many and for that matter, the image of an evolving youth urban music culture. On Sunday of March 14, several artists, including Nonini, Nameless, Mr Lenny, Talia Oyando, Big Pin, and E-sir's brother Habib, remembered the late singer by visiting his grave.

In the video posted by Nonini on his social media platform, the artists prayed, poured water, and laid white roses on E-Sir's grave, who would have turned 40 in May this year.

"Special Sunday as we remembered the late E-SIR! He would have been turning 40 this year. We also took time and visited Ferooz as well. Thank you," posted Nonini.

"We performed the night before, and we were all rested. We departed from Nakuru at around 11 am and got distracted by the view of Lake Elementaita for a quick second. That was the last conversation we had. The car had started to veer off the road, and when the driver tried to get back to the road, he lost control, and we rolled a couple of times. Apparently, E-Sir did not have his safety belt on at the time.

"On this day, a dark cloud covered our skies as we lost one of Kenya's finest and most gifted musicians to ever hold the microphone. His lyrical delivery and command of the Swahili flow was unmatched. Even long after his death, his music and legacy still lives on and on in our hearts. We miss you bro, till we meet again," recalled Nameless.