bill gates still rocking wedding ring despite divorce

Bill Gates [photo courtesy]>

Bill Gates [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 20, 2021

The Microsoft founder Bill Gates is not letting go of the fact that he was once married as he is still rocking his ring to interviews.

Bill Gates beamed into a conference Wednesday for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce -- where he got on camera at one point to make some remarks. It's one of the first times he has been seen on camera amid divorce rumours.

Prying eyes on social media were quick to pick up on what he was wearing (or not wearing), and sure enough -- they spotted the prize Bill Gates still had on his wedding band and wasn't trying very hard to hide it.

Some people might argue that he is technically still married. It's also possible he just hasn't thought to take it off yet. 

That said, this is weird, especially since there've been reports on different blogs that he has been playing the field -- or at least attempted to, allegedly -- while he was still married.