'hatukudate na i met her once' flaqo dismisses rumors of dating noti flow

Flaqo Raz left, Noti Flow right [photo courtesy]>

Flaqo Raz left, Noti Flow right [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa April 21, 2021

Comedian and artist Flaqo Raz has refuted claims that he and songstress Noti Flow were dating and that he got dumped and replaced by Eric Omondi.

Taking to his Insta story, Flaqo warned his fans of tagging his posts about his relationship with Noti Flow, clearly stating that he never dated her and only met her once.

 'Yenyewe social media ni scam tupu, stories miingi, nobody even knows, hatukudate na nilimmeet once,mnapepeta moshene kweli,digota!!'

Rumours of the two having dated were sparked after they were spotted together getting cosy with one another on Easter. They couldn't keep their hands to themselves.

Noti Flow shared a clip of herself grinding on Flaqo Raz, giving him a lap dance and kissing him on the cheeks.

Both of them being openly single don't raise any eyebrows but anticipation because many of their fans are behind their union.

Stories of their break up were fueled after Noti Flow shared a video of her and Eric Omondi lying on a bed as they listened to music.

In the video, Eric Omondi is seen rising from the bed and closing the bedroom door before joining the Foto Moto hitmaker in the bed.

Captioning the video, Flow noted that she does not chase a man but replaces him with another.

Her statement might be interpreted as that she might have replaced her boyfriend with Eric Omondi.