'professor hamo is demanding for dna’ jemutai reveals

Jemutai and Professor Hamo [photo courtesy]>

Jemutai and Professor Hamo [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 8, 2021

Churchill show comedian Jemutai has revealed  that her baby daddy, and fellow comedian Professor Hamo asked for a paternity test after their meeting with Churchill.

In an expose, Jemutai narrated that she got her first child with Hamo in 2016 and their second born daughter in October 2019 and their relationship has been on and off.

She also revealed that Prof Hamo, on several occasions, has questioned whether the young girl is his daughter and that is where the DNA comes in.

While responding to Blogger Edgar Obare, the comedian said the samples were taken and the results should be out in two weeks.

Jemutai added that they are still trying to sort out their issues, with the help of Churchill and other individuals she did not mention.

“Yes, that was me, Hamo and his brother we were at Big Square on Wednesday. We met on Monday with Churchill and a few guys to try and sort out issues. We are still sorting out issues. At the meeting he agreed to pay for the school fees, so tulimeet on Wednesday as agreed and he gave me the school nkalipa jana… the DNA will be out in 2 weeks.

We did the DNA on Tuesday at KEMRI,” Jemutai wrote.

Her words come shortly after Churchill said the two had agreed to deal with the matter privately.

We have had a long cordial talk with Hamo & Jemutai and agreed to deal with the matter privately and find an amicable solution..in the end the kids have to win.Have a blessed Sunday,” said Churchill.

Jemutai’s relationship with Hamo came to the limelight, after she asked Edgar Obare to help her sell her Facebook Account that had over 850K followers at the time, in order to be able to provide for her kids and pay rent.