'focus on making good music’ diamond platnumz advices harmonize and rayvanny

Ravanny, Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize [Photo courtesy]>

Ravanny, Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize [Photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa April 23, 2021

King of Bongo Diamond Platnumz has finally decided to step in and talk about the ongoing beef between his former signee Harmonize and Next Level Music CEO Rayvanny.

During an interview, the Baba Lao crooner expressed his disappointment of how the two have been acting, beefing around and tarnishing each other's names.


Chibu Dangote advised the two to focus on creating good music instead of getting personal with their beef.

They should also emulate his 'beef' with Alikiba, whom they have always pitted against each other for the Bongo Fleva Crown.

“Naskia mara sijui wanapelekana Polisi…sio kitu ambacho unaweza sema niliwafunza ama …ukitizama hata kwetu sisi kaka zao wakubwa Mimi na Alikiba hatukuwahi kuskia kuna mambo ya kupelekana polisi ama Mahakamani , tulikuwa tunashinda tu kwenye maswala ya kazi….washindane kujua huyu ana views zake sijui ngapi, huyu naye sijui subscribers ngapi, yaani ivo” He said. 

Harmonize, and Rayvanny have been serving us with all the showbiz needed to keep us locked on social media for the past weeks.

From relationship drama, releasing diss tracks and dragging each other to court, the two have proved that they don't see eye to eye.

Harmonize dragged Rayvanny, his ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala and daughter Paula Kajala to Court over what he termed as leaking his Private chats and nudes.

On April 19, Bongo Movie Actress Frida Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala were arrested hours after landing in Tanzania from Dubai. They were then taken to Central Central Police station in Dar es Salaam, where they were questioned, before being released on Bail.

Before that, Rayvanny and Wasafi FM Presenter and singer Baba Levo had also been questioned by detectives.